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Monday, December 19, 2016

High School Seniors looking at the University of the South Sewanee

The University of the South, All Saints Chapel during one of the infrequent by beautiful snowfalls.

High School seniors looking at Sewanee: How many colleges should you look at?

By fall of senior year, students to start narrowing their lists down. “It’s helpful for managing your life, your time, and your stress level,” she says, noting that a final list in the five to eight range is typically best.

Lisa Burns, associate dean of admissions at The University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn., agrees: “If you apply to 20 schools, can you really engage with them individually?” If you’re also keeping up with your coursework and any extracurricular activities, the answer is probably no. So how do you whittle 20 schools down to between five and eight?

Burns suggests students prepare two or three top priority questions to ask each school they’re considering, then compare answers. Talk to admissions counselors.

Schedule campus tours or overnights for the student while Mom and Dad relax at a charming cottage in Sewanee: called Red Oak Hollow. Come and visit the campus and the mountain.

 Ask yourself: Can I see myself here for the next four years? “We’re crafting a class versus enrolling a class,” says Burns. “We’re building a community.” The longer your list of potential schools, the more challenging it becomes to be meaningful and deliberate in your search, she adds.

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