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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hike or Bike the New Mountain Goat Trail: Safe and Fun

I am in love with the Mountain Goat Trail. The first part of it was
completed in the spring of this year.  It is paved from Sewanee to
Monteagle.  The round trip walk or bike ride is a just shy of 10 miles.
I biked it six times this week. I am clocking in at 65 minutes;
not bad for a senior who previously started her mornings, just sitting on the couch.

When you come to Sewanee bring your bikes or you could rent one at
the local bike shop in Sewanee.  They rent them by the hour, half day, day or week.
I suggest a morning outing to enjoy  a cool mountain breezes as
you walk thru a paved forest trails.  It's Great!!

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