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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sewanee 2015 Graduation Availability; Rich in Nature, Abundant in Comforts

Red Rocking chairs are on the front porch at Red Oak Hollow; what would you expect?

Enjoy your morning cup of Joe, as you plan your day on our
beautiful mountain.

Listen to the birds sing, there is a bird feeder , hanging from a tree, just a comfortable distance away,
Be part of hummingbird hijicks, as they buzz from one hummingbird feeder to the other, which are located at each edge of the porch.

Rock and talk with your loved ones, as the slowest of the mountain settles your mind.

Yes, now you are relaxed.  You are ready to celebrate your child's graduation celebrations.  Isn't that why you came to the mountains in the first place.

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